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Are you needing an affordable, yet high quality outdoor paving job done and don’t know where to start? Give our experienced team of paving specialists a call here at Paving Wollongong to discuss your options and vision for your outdoor entertainment area further.

We offer a wide variety of paving services and options to suit a range of different needs and tastes. Whether you’re needing your pool area paved, you’re after a new driveway or parking area, the patio area needs to be re-done or you’d like a footpath or garden pathway introduced – our team of paving contractors is more than happy to complete any job you’d like! Our professional and skilled paving team are passionate about revamping your outdoor space for you, consistently delivering high quality, sleek outdoor space across the greater Wollongong region for many years now. In addition to being passionate about reinvigorating your outdoor space, our paving contractors only use the highest quality materials in the business – so you can be rest assured that if you have your outdoor job done by us, you won’t need it done for many more years to come than our competitors.

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Choosing the right pavement

Just like our landscape design process, we’re committed to customising your outdoor space to your wants, needs and personal tastes – ensuring the end paving result is the right fit for both the space and you, the client. Deciding on what paver type, what style and size can be a hard process for many – that’s why our specialists are here to help support and guide you through the process. At Paving Wollongong we have various types of outdoor paving materials for you to choose from based on the specific area, with their qualities further outlined below:

Permeable pavers

are a fantastic, heavy-duty and weather resistant option that are commonly chosen for; roads, parking areas, driveways, public footpaths, garden paths, pedestrian areas and patios. Their ability to quickly drain water from the paved area means that extreme weather events won’t be an issue, making them a fantastic and affordable option for many climates.

stone pathway in garden lawn
new patio with concrete pavers

Italian porcelain pavers

are continuously one of the most popular and beautiful paver choices on the market due to their classic, polished and expensive look. Their high quality and stylish design, combined with their durability and strength, makes Italian pavers a hard option to pass up for many of our clients. These pavers are often used for; alfrescos, patios, courtyards, pool areas and surrounds, and interior flooring and walls.

Bluestone pavers

In addition to their widely popular visual appeal, bluestone pavers are one of the oldest and most utilised landscaping materials across the world. This paving option is favourable for both indoor and outdoor environments, due to their consistency in colour and durability against stains and marks. This environmentally friendly option can be used for footpaths, driveways, courtyards, patios, alfrescos and pool areas and is chosen time and time again by Australians due to its ability to endure the harsh Australian sun.

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red grey brick pavers


Having been around since the days of Ancient Egypt, granite pavers are another persistently popular option for various outdoor spaces. Due to it’s incredible strength and durability, this non-slip paver is one of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. Granite’s smooth, natural beauty makes it another fantastic paving option commonly used for pool surroundings, outdoor paving, feature walls and outdoor cladding.