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Landscape Design

Our landscape design and implementation services are one of our most sought after in the local area, with our creative and artistic team delivering beautiful outdoor design plans time and time again for our happy clients.  Our design process will always be a harmonious and consultative partnership between both our clients and our design architects; we do not believe in dictating to our clients what direction they should take their space in – we simply offer the most appropriate options and leave the final decisions up to you. We can assure that your final plans will be molded to fit your outdoor space and/or entertainment area perfectly, as well as matching your individual lifestyle, needs and tastes.  

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Design Brief

Our in-house landscaping architects start off by sitting down and chatting openly and honestly with our clients about their vision for the outdoor space and garden – as well as any key requirements and restrictions they want followed. Understanding how our clients intend to use the space is of the utmost importance to our knowledgeable architects, as they will centre the entire plan on this and develop their ideas alongside our clients. Every outdoor space is developed individually, therefore you can be confident that your outdoor landscape will be just as unique as you!

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Concept Development and Plan

This part of the imaginative process is where there is lots of back and forth discussion between our designers and our clients. The team will provide rough sketches of how the outdoor garden area will be laid out – therefore allowing you to properly understand how your space will be transformed. This early phase of planning, although exciting, can be a bit overwhelming for some people as they try to narrow down exactly what they want and need. Not to fear though, as our designers are supportive and patient as they work with you to create a plan perfectly matched to your lifestyle.

Planting Plan

Developing a planting plan is essential to ensure your outdoor space has lots of colourful flora sprinkled throughout it. Our team will propose various plant options, in line with your chosen design, as well as the physical garden space itself. We provide visual references of the proposed plants, quantities, pot sizes etc. so that you can properly envision how your garden will look. This part of the design process is where planting schedules are established, to ensure your chosen plant species are planted at the correct time of the year to ensure longevity.

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Final Master Plan

This final step of the design process is where everything is brought together in one concise, detailed master plan and presented to you, our client. This is the time to make last minute tweaks and changes and ensure that everything that has been decided upon matches your lifestyle, your aesthetic tastes and how you will use the space in the years to come. The master plan will include a rough timeline, construction plan, planting plan and schedules, as well as final drawings/sketches of the outdoor space. This is where the final plan is signed off on by all parties.


Now that we’ve created the perfect landscaping design plan to fit your outdoor space and you’ve signed off on the plans – we will give the go-ahead to our highly skilled and qualified construction and landscaping team to get started on bringing your plans to life. Our construction and garden landscapers will work with you throughout the entire process, to ensure our clients are happy and confident through every step of implementation. We maintain our client-centred focus every step of the way, even in the physical construction of your outdoor and garden space.

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If you wish to chat further with our design specialists and are wanting to transform your space but don’t know how – we’re the right landscaping company to call.